Digital Stamping (NexStamp)

Securing systems that archives all company’s incoming and outgoing mails, faxes, letters, … in an organized manner, Application access bound to certain hardware on which the application can run using a digital certificate (application handshaking with the limited hardware), Archiving systems needs to be secured via restricted technology to prevent the manipulation and fraud may occur in the digital contents of the archived data

Self-Authenticated documents are “Documents Embedded with Certified Verifiable Proofs of Their Integrity”. The technology used to achieve this has been developed by Altavion/NexStamp and is called “Digital Stamping Technology”. Additionally, a time stamp is generated at the time the digital stamp is about to be formulated. Both stamps are embedded into each page of the document. Two different versions of embedding of these stamps are available which give rise to 4 different combinations.

The visible stamp occupies approximately ½” X ½” of the real estate footprint of a letter size document. The other version of the stamp is totally invisible and does not occupy any real footprint of the document.

NexStampUK Stamping Demo

Digitally Stamping a pdf document

How to Stamp a Digital Document