Digital Signature certificate

Transfer data electronically has developed enormously. One of the key problems in developing transfer technology is authenticating the web server – the identity of the specific person who has performed an action on the internet cannot be known. This inability to identify prevents innumerable entities from providing services via information transfer technology and thus many procedures are still “stuck”, cumbersome and bureaucratic.

From now on, anybody who is authorized to sign (on behalf of a corporation or for themselves) can receive a smart card or token with an electronic signature assimilated on it. These cards contain a unique personal code (private) that the clients determine themselves, which can be positively identified by almost any computer worldwide.

This way, people can submit documents to authorities and banks via their digital signature and also sent registered letters from any computer they want (safer and more cost effective).

Egypt Trust was appointed by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) as a certificate authority (CA) in Egypt accordance with the Electronic Signature Law 15-2004, and today, it is the one of entity issuing legal authorized electronic signatures according to the law to executives of public companies. Egypt Trust has issued electronic signatures to thousands of business people all around Egypt

Egypt Trust is recognized by the global company, VeriSign, a worldwide network of authorizing entities based on VeriSign’s technology.

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