About us


Egypt Trust ET (Egyptian Co. For Digital Signature & Information Security SAE) has been established in Egypt since 2005. It is based on the establishment of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) which sets the main basics for data security, protection and validation of digital signatures. ET has applied for the license by ITIDA. One of our major purposes is to deliver to the market (and especially the government ministries and agencies) the highest, unique, top notch, guaranteed, high quality, patented and standard Information Security services and products as an affiliate of Verisign Inc. (the sole affiliate in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East). We also focus mainly on the government, banking and stock market sectors, in specific on e-government and mission critical applications (e.g. banking and stock market), on the security sensitive ministries (e.g. Ministry of Defense and Interiors, on ICT carriers and service providers), mobile companies, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Telecom companies. We are also targeting international markets in the region like Tunisia, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, etc. Additionally, ET triggers the activation of the E-Signature Egyptian Law 15 of the year 2004. In addition, ET offers additional Information Technology, Project Management and IT consultancy services.

Egypt Trust offers you to connect with trust!

The capital of Egypt Trust is 28 Million EGP.



Egypt Trust has strategic shareholders to be Telecom Egypt, Egypt Post, Civil Information Tech. Co. (CITC) and Pyramids Technologies Trust (PT Trust).



Our vision in Egypt Trust is to become the Most Trusted Guarantor and the First Leader in providing top security solutions for data security, data protection and safety of electronic transactions and e-Commerce business with confidence using encryption and digital signatures in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East.



Our mission is to provide integrated solutions that will facilitate speedy and verifiable e-Transactions boost the pace of executing business in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East in a secured manner.

We secure, verify & validate e-transactions
We provide security assessments
We simplify validation & verifications of e-transactions
We deliver cost saving solutions